Screen printing

  • Screen printing requires screen setup cost, each colour is a different screen. 
  • We charge $60 per screen for artwork under A4 & $75 for artwork under A3. For larger artwork please send details for a quote.
  • Our minimums for Screen printing is 25 units.
  • Screen setup costs are the same for 25 prints or 1000 prints.
  • If printing on to darker garments, a base screen is required.
  • Pricing is based on the colour of the garments, quantity of garments, the amount of colours required, size of artworks etc.
  • There are many factors that contribute to pricing so please send us a brief with as much information possible.
  • We use Plastisol inks, which is extremely durable when cured & will outlast the garment we print it on.
  • Also available are water based inks, discharge inks, foils in gold, red, blue, copper & rainbow.

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