Guides & Templates

Have a look through the provided guides and template to help you get your order ready to print.

Our Easy Steps

Before you get in contact with us, it'll be good for you to know how this whole process works from start to finish!

Print Sizes & Placement

Here we discuss what the maximum size of your artwork can be and the standard print placements you could have.

Preparing your Artwork

What file types we accept, the difference between pixels and vectors, creating outlines for text and strokes!

Pantone Colour Matching

Does your print require some colour? We use the Pantone Matching System to achieve accurate results.

Mock Ups

If you're comfortable making your own mock ups, we have provided some PDFs for you to work with.

Order Form

The order form is to be filled out when we are to order stock in for you. This lets us know exactly what you want.

Additional Resources

Additional information for you curious ones. Continuously updated according to frequently asked questions from you!